LARGE SCALE PROJECT PORTFOLIO  Our abatement team has performed the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials :

   *Institutional facilities (schools, hospitals, long-term disability facilities, airports, high-rises)

Commercial complexes

Industrial complexes

/ EXTENSIVE SERVICES Zucco’s abatement team performs the removal of asbestos, lead paint, contaminated dust abatement and biological (mold and fungi) decontamination.

Our teams also perform the removal of hazardous wastes such as mercury, solid and liquid polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and ozone depleting substances (ODS).

The removal of hazardous waste comes with stringent rules and regulations that need to be followed. The rules and regulations are also enforced by stringent penalties when evaded by an individual or company. This is where Zucco Construction comes in as the asbestos & lead removal experts. We provide the most reliable asbestos abatement Toronto has by ensuring that our clients are safe all through the processes. The abatement, whether partial or full, of contaminated materials needs to be handled with the right equipment and gear to ensure that there is minimal contamination to the soil or people around. Asbestos was common in roofing and insulating material in the past that was later discovered to cause serious health issues related to chronic diseases. Vermiculite was a common material during building and construction used for the insulation of the attic. Some of it may include asbestos fiber which is the reason why it also has to be removed professionally.


Some products like PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) are also found in paints, coolants, lubricants and caulking compounds. The material has been found to be bio accumulative which is what makes it largely poisonous. They take an extremely long time to breakdown leaking into soils and getting absorbed into living things.

Lead has also been recognized as a poisonous substance with long term effects being felt in homes. It was found to be included in paints in old homes. Most homes have now been refurnished with fresh paints that do not contain lead.


Abatement involves a number of set procedures that need to be followed when it comes to the disposal of all these hazardous wastes in homes, industries and commercial buildings. We have handled quite a number of abatement projects all over Toronto with vast experience in both non-regulated and regulated asbestos. We do this without affecting the productivity of the work place or interrupting schedules be it industrial or the home. We also carry out stringent safety protocols for our workers and the immediate environment putting the minds of our clients to rest about their safety.


Our testing protocols are in alignment with the Toronto waste regulations, sampling the required minimum samples for the asbestos and the air. We provide you with the required recommendations after the testing for the purpose of execution. Areas of concern include asbestos in plastered walls, joint compounds, asbestos pipe wrap, vermiculite insulation and popcorn ceiling.

Our PCM asbestos testing protocols provide us with information that can depict the effects of the exposure. These include the amount of asbestos and lead in the air, the length of the exposure, the frequency of the exposure, the size of the inhaled fibers and the length of time taken during the first exposure.